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Today marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It is a day when we get ready to create a more inclusive workplace to celebrate the progress of our customers and partners. This is a good time to look further at what we can do as a community to empower everyone in the workplace.

Small business team supporting modern workplace.

We recently celebrated a milestone with recognition from the UK Government as a Disability Confidence Leader. This status is given to organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion, and encourages suppliers and vendors to do the same. Our team has worked tirelessly to establish processes that create and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture:

Attracting and recruiting people with disabilities through our global inclusive rental program.
Training manager to understand the needs of people with visual and non-visual disabilities.
Evaluating people for roles more flexibly so that people with disabilities have the best opportunity to show their skills.
Adjusting the workplaces to include sign language interpreters.
Ensuring all employees have access to disability equality awareness training.

Features that empower

We also look forward to our larger vision — an accessible and inclusive workplace for everyone — and what else we can do as a company and as a community to make it a reality. We are excited to announce that live captions and subtitles in PowerPoint will soon be available for Windows, Mac and Web to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 customers worldwide. And we look forward to the upcoming release of other new inclusive technologies built into Microsoft 365, such as live captions and subtitles at teams meetings.

Present in PowerPoint inclusive with live captions and subtitles.

with the support of 12 spoken languages ​​and 60-plus on-screen caption or subtitle languages, people who are deaf or hard of hearing can be included in these important team-building moments. Additionally, with an increasingly global and remote set of collaborators, those who speak a different language from the presenter or are listening in a loud environment can also be easily included.

Changing the meeting experience for people with disabilities.

We also know how important roles we play, how we work, and it was recently announced that live captions and subtitles will also be available at teams meetings. These capabilities are coming soon as previews in English and complement the caption and transcription features that are already available for recorded teams’ meetings and streams, teams and live events in Yammer. Whether one-to-one with your manager or company-wide, everyone should feel that when the team is together, there are people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We continuously release new features and improvements to make our products conform to the latest standards not only, but empowerment for all users, without any disabilities. We encourage you to read all of these features at Microsoft Accessibility Features Autonomy.

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Many of our clients are committed to making this vision of an inclusive workplace a reality and are partnering with us to realize that goal. Last month, the federal government of Canada selected Microsoft as a partner in an effort to create a more modern and accessible public service.

The Honorable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Service and Procurement and Accessibility, said, “Equipping our public servants with accessible, reliable and innovative technologies will affect our world-class public service capacity and serve all Canadians better. “At Microsoft, we agree. Only when we represent the diversity we see in the world, we can build the most innovative technology internally and serve our customers as they should be served.

We also see Rogers Communications, a leading Canadian communications and media company, that shares our vision of a more inclusive workplace. Rogers is making its physical workplace more collaborative and inclusive by using accessible technologies built into Microsoft 365 applications. Best of all, we are helping and learning from each other.

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