Running coding workshop for 11-year-olds and girls – Meet Away

Hello! My name is Away I am 11 years old and have hosted my 3rd girls at a coding event.  I started coding when I was 7 years old and I have enjoyed it ever since. My first experience was with scratch. I have been fortunate to attend and participate in some of the best STEM events, courses, conferences and workshops, such as Best Projects, Moses Festivals, CoderDoes, Raspberry Jams, Maker Fair Rome, Young Coders Conference, Generation Arm 2Z Program and Mobile World Congress 2019

I really enjoy going to technical events because there are loads of people who want to share their interests and knowledge with you. These events and experiences encouraged me to craft, code and design and allow me to discover new things. Raspberry Jams are very quiet and you can join many different workshops, run your own workshops, or showcase a project to the public.

The best projects are a great platform that gives you the opportunity to showcase your work and be part of a wider community of young producers. Events like this have also introduced me to a lot of cool things, such as Micro: Bit, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, App Maker, Scratch, 3D Printing, VR, AI, programmable electronic components and robotics.

I also enter technical competitions.

Some I have won (Best Project UK, The Micro: Bit Birthday Challenge, The Inspiring Juniors UK), some I have reached the finals (The One to Watch – FDM Award, and Tech Playmaker Award –, and Something I did not win! But that’s okay – attending them all has been a rich experience in itself.

I now use my skills and experiences to build robots and run workshops to share my knowledge with others. Most weekends I am busy working on a micro-bit workshop or other projects for CoderDojo at Kingston University and West London University.

A girl working on a laptop.

I love coding and physical computing; I very much enjoy using Micro: Bit and Raspberry Pi to control robots that I make out of untested items. This is great using various components and new types of technology.

The things I created and the projects I worked on gave me opportunities to experiment, invent, discover, share, network, collaborate, challenge myself, and grow. I have continued to learn and learn from some fantastic mentors and role models, and there are many who keep inspiring me. Sometimes it is his thoughts; Their determination; His passion; Their drive; Their energy; Their mission; His entrepreneurialism; Their attitude; His certainty of purpose or his courage.

I want to be a visual role model for young people in general, especially for girls.

I want to inspire more girls to get involved in coding, and encourage more girls’ participation in Tech. I am inspired to create other opportunities to encourage more girl involvement in technology.

After collaborating on a robotic workshop at the Richmond Reference Library, which was attended by boys only, I was inspired to develop my own format for girls. I believe that a good way to involve more girls in the world of STEM is to lead yourself. So I decided to get active and get organized with the help of my parents.

Hearing the presentation, a group of girls sat on chairs.

With this goal in mind, I achieved more than £ 1000 to pull off my first Girls in Coding event. It was free to attend and all girls were presented with a micro: bit, a physical computing kit and an inspirational book.

After the success of the first event, I decided to organize each other, which came to fruition with my friends and family, along with the generosity of the tech and producer community. The second event was held on November 25, 2018, receiving excellent feedback from the girls and their parents; Many asked when the next one would be!

The Girls in Coding Project offers girls the opportunity to explore code,

physical computing, and robotics in a secure, dynamic and supportive environment to help them develop confidence in technology-based settings. So far, each event has also included lighthearted talks given by girls and women, who talk cool in technology. Girls in Coding # 3, most recently, was sponsored by Microsoft and took place on Sunday 28 April at Microsoft Reactor London.

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