How to Use Technology to Take Stress Out of Customer Relationships

There is not much choice for the customer. Which can sometimes look like a double-edged sword. Thanks to technology and the Internet, your business is open to a wider audience than ever before. But with this comes more competition. Which means you have to work even harder to engage and retain your customers. And without the right technique, it can become quite a stressful task.

In Microsoft’s global customer service report, 96 percent of respondents stated that customer service was an important factor in loyalty to a brand. Using new technology such as AI and the cloud can relieve stress by building better user experiences so that you can get back to doing more of what you love.

Personalized customer service A frontline retail worker who is talking to the customer

72 percent expect customer service agents to already know who they are and have insight into their previous conversations. This could mean a mobile device for frontline workers in retail, healthcare, education, engineering and local government.

By having a device that can quickly access customer information in a quick and easy way, employees now have the critical information they need to devote more time to providing personalized customer service.

Isle of Right Trust is an organization that deploys mobile surface devices to help its employees go and record information.

Physicians are using the tool to better explain treatment programs to patients, thus improving their overall experience. And physicians are also better placed to evaluate progress and treatment with their equipment, so that patient outcomes can be improved.

Expand your horizons

It is important to make the right choice to better engage your customers. By doing this, you can gain new loyal customers and keep your current customers excited about your service or product.

Although text ads are the primary way that many businesses market their products and services, receiving your message in limited numbers can be challenging, and can negatively affect engagement.

On the Beach, a UK holiday specialist, recently updated for Bing ads, called expanded text ads, enables them to create more engaging ads.

Denny Catapano, Performance Marketing Manager on the Beach, who is a leisure expert, says, “Extended text ads have given us extra room to get our message across, and they have not only increased CTR, but our conversion rates. Has also improved. ” Britain.

Because they were able to optimize their ads to better connect with customers, they experienced an uptick in customer service, increasing its click-through rate by 12 percent. A businessman sits in front of the dynamics chart and talks to two other businesswomen

Using data to improve service

A sophisticated CRM such as Dynamics 365 makes it very easy to give your customers a personalized and engaging experience. And using AI tools baked into the platform, it delivers faster, meaning that your employees can spend more time developing these relationships.

Using a modern CRM empowers the people in your organization to discover predictive insights, perform informed tasks, and communicate with customers by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Dynamics 365 enables you to track customer interactions across channels, making it easy to follow, build Bespoke messaging, and also know when a customer is about to leave your service (before They do that!).

Dynamics 365 will help you build a successful and intelligent customer service platform, and in all the most secure environments, provide Microsoft’s compliance offerings and best-in-class security features such as role-based administration, data auditing tools and user session management. And along with safety when second to quality in the purchase decision, it is important to ensure that you are safe and GDPR compliant to maintain all that customer trust.

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