How modern technology is changing IT leadership roles

Balancing work – we all have to do them. Whether it is incorporating work chores with social activities, or eating clean during the week, then ordering pizza over the weekend. This is the same deal for chief technology executives like me. In my view, modern CTOs should effectively influence the interests of your leadership team and everyday users of technology.

Image of the group working on the Black Surface Pro 6 inside the office. What your leadership team really wants from technology

Now more than ever, the use of technology employees is proving to be a point of difference between companies that succeed and those that do not. Why? Because modern technology is flexible, creative and opens up new possibilities for better work. Of course, with all this smart, new technology on offer, business leaders have to make drastic decisions to make decisions. And, in my experience, they have different goals in mind when approaching this task. Broadly, they want:

Optimize operations and cut costs
Engage customers across channels, increasing loyalty
Innovate and stand out from your competitors
Get more from your employees
What employees really want from technology
Of course, technology decisions do not affect the business and its leaders. Employees also have certain requirements. They want access to their favorite app. There will also be generational differences and their personal motivations to consider. Sure, Tech can enhance the skills and abilities of employees.

Be more creative
Work better together
Get the job done more easily
Be safe and compliant and offline
When they have technology that helps them do it the way they feel best, they will be happier, more productive and more engaged. Which means they will do their best work for their employer. They want to be around. And new talent will also be eager to get on board.

How to strike the right balance between leadership and employees

As a CTO, your role is to bridge what the results of the business want the leadership team to run, and what your employees want to achieve daily. While everyone is getting on board with technology changes. In short, you have to choose and implement the types of devices that people want to use. Types of tools that can help everyone achieve everything they want. What’s more, you have to think beyond technical delivery, how you will connect everyone with this process.

This practice of change management takes employees on a journey from start to finish.

Therefore, when it comes to adoption, everyone is committed. Not just the leader. This may mean that members of the leadership team are involved in it from the beginning of each project. Or it could mean that managers are embedding change in their coaching and bringing relevant training to build skills in their team.

It is all about creating a balance, so new technology is not just an investment, but an opportunity. Your employees are excited by this and want to use it. I will leave you with these four questions that I always ask before considering new technology:

What are the strategies or results of achieving my business?
Can technology solutions meet or contribute to these goals?
How can employees benefit from this technology?
How could we take them with us in the transformation journey?
The points I’ve covered are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more, why not check out our Microsoft 365 offer? It is full of features and tools that can help your employees – and the leaders in your organization – achieve their goals.

If you have a strong reaction from someone, ask yourself why

It is the best way to deal with someone who in themselves causes a strong reaction. Indicate and address these triggers. After all, he did not make those triggers. Doing this will help you show why you have this feedback so that you can anticipate, soften, or change your response.

Tip: We may not get along all the time, but that does not mean that we cannot all work productively together in a professional, supportive environment.

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