How Automation Gives Your Employees Better Ways

Do not be afraid of technology. Use this to get the most help from your retail team and let them understand how it can improve their work.

It is understandable that during a radical change in the industry, retail employees are seeking to know what impact new technologies can have on their jobs.

Consumer habits have changed dramatically in recent years as people adopt new ways of shopping and have different expectations. This means that retailers have to continuously improve and differentiate their customers’ experiences.

It is bound to affect the work of retail employees and the technology they use.

As soon as parts of the retail sector are automated, employees will be free to be more creative in their roles and spend extra time helping customers. A women’s boutique retail store owner uses a Surface tablet to check jeans inventory for a female customer.

AI can empower positive change

Today, retail employees are required to spot gaps on shelves, update shelf-edge labels, and find a warehouse for customer requests.

This will help them to understand their needs better and give them the best possible experience.

Leadership is needed to help teams identify and gain new opportunities. It takes a change of culture, leading from above.

As retailers embrace digital transformation and AI, few things will remain the same. In particular, putting customers at the center of their business. This is expected to create exciting new roles. What about a ‘main storyteller’ welcoming consumers to the store with an on-brand message and interesting product information. And why can’t everyone be a personal shopper?

With AI-like technology handling repetitive-in-store tasks, businesses can make people the face of their operations once again and deliver real customer value.

Your people can become ambassadors for your brand. They’ll know everything that your customers want to know at your fingertips, and conversation time that enhances their shopping experience. These are the types of rewarding and useful jobs that retailers now want to support.

AI can crunch big data and analyze information faster. This makes it easier for your employees to create personalized experiences for customers. There will be plenty of job opportunities on the shop floor as well. Data scientists, programmers and cyber security experts are highly sought-after roles.

Image showing a customer buying some clothes in a retail store.

Retail is a lot more than a foot on the career ladder for many school age students and those who want to complete their studies with paid work. AI will make it easier to manage day-to-day tasks, giving employees the opportunity to work in new ways in the career they love. It is an area full of opportunity, and one that empowers people in the foreground, supported by technology at the core.

Clear up misconceptions and resolve disagreements

Everyone’s view is different. There is often no right or wrong, just different life experiences that form different opinions. Active listening will reduce misunderstandings in the office. It will also make disagreements easier to resolve in a mature, communicative way.

Try to think from the other person’s position or from an outsider’s point of view. Be professional in your response and try to solve the problem directly and move forward once you solve it.

Tip: Remember that we are all working towards a common goal and have equal values ​​at heart.

Act to reduce stressful situations

Sometimes stress is unavoidable, but how can we change the reaction to change this situation. Identify what causes stress and see if there are ways to reduce the trigger. Is there a practical solution, or is it just a temporary feeling? Even if you can’t do anything about it, sometimes accepting the emotion helps.

If you see an employee under stress, provide them with help. They may carry too much or they may need help on an urgent project. They may need to apply brakes, or even a kind of ear to vent. Supporting your employees with their work-life balance will not only reduce stress, but it will maximize their ability to contribute to the business.

Tip: Offer welfare resources and create a culture where employees know that it is okay to talk about stress.

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